Success starts here

Join our mission to forge the future of healthcare operations.

We deliver exceptional outcomes

Our goal is to transform how healthcare works. Our digital platforms and tools make healthcare processes connected, integrated, and — most importantly — simple and seamless.

In Puerto Rico, Carelon Global Solutions operates a bilingual Spanish and English call center, providing clear and precise answers to customer queries.


For our valued partners and customers

If you represent a business seeking consolidated digital healthcare efficiencies, please visit the commercial Carelon Global Solutions site.

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Make a lasting impact

We create digital advances that have a significant impact on health plans and systems. Consistently producing first-rate products and services requires a collective effort. Every day, we strive to simplify healthcare’s most complex challenges — together.

What we do

We use data and technology to make the world a healthier place.

Why we do it

We succeed when our solutions support care and people.

How we achieve this

We harness the talents of a highly skilled, collaborative workforce who are wholly focused on the healthcare field.

What we look for in our associates

We seek leaders, innovators, and problem solvers who want to make a difference in the world.

Our culture is our strength


We’re deeply committed to the people and the businesses we serve. And we’re equally dedicated to supporting each other and creating an atmosphere of growth.

Our culture values collaboration, limitless thinking, diversity, and work-life balance. And through our shared commitment to the values of genuine care and hospitality, we create exceptional experiences for not just our customers, but for each other as well.